Bahawalpur Royals Team Kit, T-Shit & Cap

Bahawalpur Royals Kit, T-Shirt and Cap 2022 | BR Team Kit Unveiled

Bahawalpur Royals Kit 2022: The PJL 1st season Bahawalpur Royals squad has no official word, and its exact design is unknown. However, the team’s uniform is quite straightforward this year. 

It’s possible that the PJL 2022 Bahawalpur Royals squad uniform, which included the royal yellowish color all throughout, served as inspiration for the new uniform. Last season’s kit trimmings were red, and they complemented the whole color scheme and design well. It was formerly painted yellow for earlier seasons. 

Bahawalpur Royals Kit for Pakistan Junior League

bahawalpur royals team kit

As the team name represents the royalty feature of Bahawalpur city. So, it has contained some royal designs also. However, given the recent shift in the color palette, we anticipate it will stay that way for at least a few seasons going forward.

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Of the six franchises that compete in the PJL, the Bahawalpur Royals logo is arguably the most straightforward. Even if there aren’t many design features, it still has a great appearance. The team name “Bahawalpur Royals” is presented with a dotted line between two words in a stylish typeface. Royals is written in dark yellowish color while Bahawalpur is written in black color. Right there on the chest of the uniform is the team logo.

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