Bahawalpur Royals vs Gujranwala Giants Match Prediction

Bahawalpur Royals vs Gujranwala Giants Match Prediction: 4th Match Prediction

Bahawalpur Royals vs Gujranwala Giants Match Prediction: On October 8, the Bahawalpur Royals and Gujranwala Giants will square off at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore for the fourth match of the Pakistan Junior League 2022. The game will kick off at 8:00 PM. A half-hour before the start of the game, the coin will be tossed.

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Bahawalpur Royals players to watch out for:

  • Arham Nawab- He is a young, talented leg spinner who made an impression on the cricket community at the U-19 World Cup. For the Bahawalpur Royals in the next competition, Rehan Ahmed is a crucial player. He proved himself in the very first match of BR.
  • Obaid Shahid- Obaid Shahid, the captain of the Bahawalpur Royals, is an excellent cricket ball hitter. In the Pakistan Junior League 2022, he will be a key batsman for Bahawalpur Royals.

Gujranwala Giants players to watch out for:

  1. Tom Aspinwall- He is an exceptional young English all-round bowler. When the circumstance calls for it, Aspinwall can stroke the ball cleanly while also providing breakthroughs at critical moments.
  2.  Uzair Mumtaz- Uzair Mumtaz, the team’s captain, is a fantastic top-order batter who has been successful recently. He will be charged with the duty of giving his team strong starts.

Playing XI Squads: 

Bahawalpur Royals: 

  • Arham Nawab (vice-captain), 
  • Nathan Edwards (West Indies), 
  • Obaid Shahid (c), 
  • Sajjad Ali, 
  • Mohammad Zeeshan, 
  • Rehan Ahmed (England), 
  • Basit Ali, Ali Razzaq, 
  • Nangeyalia Kharotai (Afghanistan), 
  • Farhan Yousaf, 
  • Mohammad Tayyab Arif, 
  • Shahwaiz Irfan, 
  • Mohammad Danish, 
  • Ahmed Hussain, 
  • Gabriel Gallman-Findlay (Scotland)

Gujranwala Giants:

  • Ali Asfand, 
  • Azan Awais, 
  • Uzair Mumtaz (c), 
  • Tom Aspinwall (England), 
  • Mohammad Ibtisam, 
  • Ariful Islam (Bangladesh), 
  • Hasnain Majid, Shevon 
  • Daniel (Sri Lanka), 
  • Mohammad Shan, 
  • Mohammad Waqas, 
  • Hasan Ali Jnr, 
  • Mohammad Aqib Asghar, 
  • Saqlain Nawaz, 
  • Hamza Nawaz, 
  • Matthew Tromp (USA).

Preplay Bahawalpur Royals vs Gujranwala Giants Match Prediction:

Toss winner:
  • Bahawalpur Royals
Match win:
  • Bahawalpur Royals
Top Batter (Runs Scored):  
  • Obaid Shahid (Bahawalpur Royals), 
  • Umair Mumtaz (Gujranwala Giants)
Top Bowler (Wickets taken): 
  • Arham Nawab (Bahawalpur Royals), 
  • Top Aspinwall (Gujranwala Giants0
Most Six Hit by: 
  • Obaid Shahid (Bahawalpur Royals), 
  • Georage Thomas (Gujranwala Giants)
Player of the Match:
  • Obaid Shahid (Bahawalpur Royals)
Teams Scoring batting first: 
  •  Bahawalpur Royals 160+, 
  • Gujranwala Giants 145+
Match Handicap:
  • Bahawalpur Royals

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