Gujranwala Giants Team Kit, T-Shit & Cap

Gujranwala Giants Team Kit, Cap & T-Shirt for Pakistan Junior League 2022

Gujranwala Giants Team Kit 2022: Gujranwala Giants are occupied with PJL’s 1st season draft preparations, much like another club. The PJL 1st Gujranwala Giants as much attention on the team kit. As in the very first season, it takes more effort in designing the shirts.

Gujranwala team squad kit is designed to confer the colors of the logo. The logo contains two major colors. One is red and the other is yellow.  On the right front side of the shirt, Gujranwala Giants’ name is written. The name “Gujranwala” is written in Yellow, while the name “Giants” is written in red. 

Gujranwala Giants Team Kit

gujranwala giants team kit 2022

The Gujranwala Giants logo is bold and appealing. The Gujranwala Giants logo makes use of the team’s primary colors of red and yellow.

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A batsman wearing a helmet and bat n his shoulder is printed on the right side of the T-shirt where the team name is mentioned beautifully. Also, on the left side, sponsors’ logos are mentioned. 

Soon the team shirt will be made public. Then the fans of Gujranwala teams can buy and then wear them adding more spirit and enthusiasm to the players.

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