Mardan Warriors Team Kit, T-Shirt & Cap for PJL 2022

Mardan Warriors Team Kit, T-Shirt & Cap for PJL 2022

Mardan Warriors Team Kit 2022: In a few days, the Mardan warriors squad kit will be revealed. Officials and team management haven’t spoken anything about this as of now. It is anticipated that it will be a unique kit with a slightly different look. 

As their logo is designed with a warrior look. So, the kit must relate to the shirt. Mardan Warrior’s name is written at the top right corner of the chest. 

The word “Mardan” is written in bold words on top and warriors on the lowers side. Mardan’s name is written in Dark Red(Blood Color) and Warrior’s is in black. 


Mardan Warriors Team Profiles

However, a batsman sitting on his knee is taking a bat in front of him and wearing a helmet. Also, he had put his head on the top of the bat. But the bat look is the combo of sword and bat. That’s the representation of the ancient time history of that city.

Mardan Warriors Team Kit 2022

Also, the kit and team sponsors are mentioned. But officially, the kits will be displayed in the ceremony before the competition starts. Fans can wear the shirts of their own favorite teams and then come to the stadium in order to support the team. In this way, the player’s courage will increase for the competition.

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