Pakistan Junior League PJL Draft 2022, Teams and Player Lists

Pakistan Junior League PJL Draft 2022, Teams and Player Lists

The most exciting moment for young fans of cricket has arrived. According to PCB chairman Ramiz Hasan Raja, the first game of this league will be played by young players on October 06, 2022. The PJL draft will commence on September 8, 2022 at 11:20 AM.

In April 2022, PCB Ramiz Raja introduced the new Pakistan Cricket league, named Pakistan Junior League. In this new cricket league, junior players under the age of 19 will be selected worldwide. The cricket boards from all over the world appreciate the PCB for taking this fantastic initiative. This motive will bring a significant change in the professionalism of players.

How to watch PJL Draft Ceremony?

Watch PJL Daft Ceremony:

The Pakistan Cricket Board is introducing a new type of cricket league to boost young talent. The format of PJL resembles PSL, with the only difference between the two is that in PJL, players under 19 will participate. Players from other countries like India, New Zealand, Australia, England, West Indies, etc., will also be drafted.

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Pakistan Junior League PJL Draft Date:

The draft date of PJL will be announced soon by PCB officials. According to resources, the drafting of players will be in the first week of September.
You can visit the site to get updates about players or any other news regarding the Pakistan Junior League. For updated news about drafting, visit our website.

Pakistan Junior League Teams Draft 2022

There will be six teams in this season’s Junior PSL. Their names and T-shirts are settled now. As soon as the drafting of teams is finalized, we will update you.

all selected players will be assigned one category out of three.

  1. Elite
  2. Premier
  3. X-Factor
Elite20k-22k $
Premier12k-14k $
X-Factor6k-8k $


These athletes have either played for their country’s U19 squad or have had a notable effect at the domestic level (age-group cricket organized by an ICC Full Member board).


Players with extensive experience playing age-group cricket or pathway cricket for their boards or regions are included in the premier cricket league.


The X-factor is made up of a handful of Associate Member board players and emerging local talent.

The Pakistan Junior Competition (PJL), which was announced in April 2022, is a new cricket league in which junior players under the age of 19 will be chosen from all around the world. All cricket boards are applauding the PCB for taking this important step. This league will revolutionize cricket in the years to come.

After seven successful seasons of the Pakistan Super Competition, the Pakistan Cricket Board is introducing a new sort of cricket league for their youthful potential. A new league will be formed based on the players that are under the age of 19. It will be the same type of league as the PSL, but the difference is that in this league, just under 19 players from cricket-playing nations such as India, England, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and others would compete.

Pakistan Junior League Draft

The date of the PJL Player Draft has been announced. The Pakistan Junior League Draft will take place on September 8, 2022. Over 3000 entries were received for the PJL video campaign, with 17 players being chosen. These players will now be hosted by NHPC Lahore for age verification and trials. Shortlisted players will be included in the draught on Thursday.

Team Bahawalpur Royals

Elite Category: Obaid Shahid (captain), Arham Nawab (vice-captain), Nathan Edwards (West Indies), Sajjad.

Premier Category: Ali Razzaq, Basit Ali, Mohammad Zeeshan, Nangeyalia Kharotai (Afghanistan), Rehan Ahmed (England)

X-factor Category: Ahmed Hussain, Farhan Yousaf, Gabriel Gallman-Findlay (Scotland), Mohammad Danish, Mohammad Tayyab Arif, Shahwaiz Irfan.

No.Players NameBatsman/BowlerCategory
1Arham Nawab (V.Captain)Spinner BowlerElite
2Nathan EdwardsLeft Arm Fast BowlerElite
3Obaib Shahid (Captain)Right Handed BatsmanElite
4Sajjad AliRight Handed BatsmanElite
5Mohammad ZeeshanRight Arm M Fast BowlerPremier
6Rehan AhmadAll RounderPremier
7Basit AliRight Handed BatsmanPremier
8Ali RazzaqAll RounderPremier
9Nangeyalia KhanrotaiSpinerPremier
10Farhan YousafRight Handed BatsmanX-Factor
11Mohammad Tayyab ArifRight Handed BatsmanX-Factor
12Shahwaiz IrfanRight Handed BatsmanX-Factor
13Mohammad DanishRight Handed Batsman
14Ahmad HussainAll RounderX-Factor
15Gabriel Gallman FimdlayWK/BatsmanX-Factor

Team Gujranwala Giants

Elite Category: Uzair Mumtaz (captain), Ali Asfand, Azan Awais, Tom Aspinwall (England)

Premier Category: Ariful Islam (Bangladesh), Hasnain Majid, Mohammad Ibtisam, Mohammad Shan, Shevon Daniel (Sri Lanka)

X-factor Category: Hamza Nawaz, Hasan Ali Jnr, Matthew Tromp (USA), Mohammad Aqib Asghar, Mohammad Waqas, Saqlain Nawaz.

No.Players NameBatsman/BowlerCategory
1Ali AsfandLeft Arm SpinerElite
2Azan Awais Left Hand BatsmanElite
3Uzair Mumtaz (Captain)Right Handed BatsmanElite
4Tom AspinwallAllrounderElite
5Muhammad IbtisamAllrounderPremier
6Ariful IslamRight Handed BatsmanPremier
7Hasnain MajidRight Handed BatsmanPremier
8Shevon DanielLeft Handed BatsmanPremier
9Mohammad Shan Right Arm Medium FastPremier
10Mohammad WaqasSpinnerX-Factor
11Hasan Ali JNRSpinnerX-Factor
12Mohammad Aqib AsgharSpinnerX-Factor
13Saqlain Nawaz Right Arm Medium FastX-Factor
14Hamza NawazLeft Handed BatsmanX-Factor
15Matthew TrompAllrounderX-Factor

Team Gwadar Sharks

Elite Category: Mohammad Ismail (captain), Danial Ibrahim (England), Haseeb Nazim, Joseph Eckland (England)

Premier Category: Arafat Minhas, Luc Martin Benkenstein (England), Mohammad Shoaib, Saad Masood, Shamyl Hussain

X-factor Category: Adnan Iqbal, Aftab Ahmed, Kushal Malla (Nepal), Mohammad AbuBakar, Momin Qamar, Muhammad Zulkifal.

No.Players NameBatsman/BowlerCategory
1Joseph EsklandWK/ BatsmanElite
2Danial IbrahimBatting/ All RounderElite
3Haseeb NazimRight Handed BatsmanElite
4Muhammad IsmailRight Arm Medium FastElite
5Arfat MinhasAll RounderPremier
6Luc Martin BenkensteinAll RounderPremier
7Mohammad ShoaibRight Arm Medium FastPremier
8Saad MasoodRight Handed BatsmanPremier
9Shamyl Hussain (Captain)Left Hand BatsmanPremier
10Momin QamarSpinnerX-Factor
11Mohammad Abu BakkarLeft Arm Medium FastX-Factor
12Aftab AhmadRight Arm FastX-Factor
13Mohammad ZulkifalRight Handed BatsmanX-Factor
14Adnan IqbalRight Arm Medium FastX-Factor
15Kushal MallaLeft Handed BatsmanX-Factor

Team Hyderabad Hunters

Elite Category: Saad Baig (captain), Afaq Khan, Aftab Ibrahim, Isai Thorne (West Indies)

Premier Category: Arbaz Khan, Haseeb-ur-Rehman, James Ross Wood (England), Lahiru Dawatage (Sri Lanka), Muneeb Wasif.

X-factor Category: Ali Naseer (UAE), Fahad Amin, Hassan Iqbal, Moeez Rana, Mohammad Zubair Jnr, Salman Ahmed.

No.Players NameBatsman/BowlerCategory
1Saad Baig (Captain)WK/ BatsmanElite
2Afaq KhanLeft Hand BatsmanElite
3Aftab IbrahimRight Hand BatsmanElite
4Isai ThroneAllrounderElite
5Haseeb-Ur-RehmanOff SpinerPremier
6Muneeb WasifAllrounderPremier
7Dubs James Ross WoodSpin / All RounderPremier
8Lahiru DawatageWK/ BatsmanPremier
9Arbaz KhanRight Hand BatsmanPremier
10Mohammad Zubair JNRSpinnerX-Factor
11Moeez RanaRight Hand BatsmanX-Factor
12Hassan IqbalRight Hand BatsmanX-Factor
13Fahad AminRight Arm FastX-Factor
14Salman AhmadRight Hand BatsmanX-Factor
15Ali NaseerAll-rounderX-Factor

Team Mardan Warriors

Elite Category: Abbas Ali (captain), Abidullah, Archie Lenham (England), George Thomas (England)

Premier Category: Daud Nazar, Haseeb Khan, Mohammad Farooq, Muhammad Nabeel, Olly Cox (England)

X-factor Category: Aimal Khan, Burhan Niaz (Belgium), Mohammad Irfan, Shahzaib Khan, Syed Tayyab Hussain, Zohaib Khan Shanzaib.

No.Players NameBatsman/BowlerCategory
1George ThomasRight Hand BatsmanElite
2Abbas Ali (Captain)Right Hand BatsmanElite
3Archie LenhamLeg SpinerElite
4AbidullahRight Arm Medium FastElite
5Daud NazarRight Hand BatsmanPremier
6Haseeb KhanRight Hand BatsmanPremier
7Mohammad NabeelRight Arm Medium FastPremier
8Olly CoxLeft Hand BatsmanPremier
9Mohammad FarooqRight Hand BatsmanPremier
10Mohammad IrfanSpinnerX-Factor
11Aimal KhanRight Arm Medium FastX-Factor
12Zohaib Khan ShahzaibAllrounderX-Factor
13Syed Tayyab HussainAllrounderX-Factor
14Shahzaib KhanLeft Hand BatsmanX-Factor
15Burhan NaizAllrounderX-Factor

Team Rawalpindi Raiders

Elite Category: Habibullah (captain), Afnan Khan, Ali Ishaq, Hassan Eisakhil (Afghanistan)

Premier Category: Ali Raza, Allah Mohammad Ghazanfar (Afghanistan), Amir Hassan, Aseer Mughal, Kai Smith (England)

X-factor Category: Charlie Tear (Scotland), Haroon Arshad, Naveed Ahmed Khan, Usman Khan, Wahaj Riaz, Ziaullah.

No.Players NameBatsman/BowlerCategory
1Habibullah (Captain)Right Hand BatsmanElite
2Ali IshaqLeft Hand BatsmanElite
3Afnan KhanRight Hand Batsman/ SpinnerElite
4Hassan IsakhailRight Hand BatsmanElite
5Ali RazaRight Arm Medium FastPremier
6Kai SmithWK/ BatsmanPremier
7Aseer MughalLeft Hand BatsmanPremier
8Amir HassanLeft Arm Medium Fast BowlerPremier
9Allah Mohammad GhazanfarOff SpinPremier
11Usman KhanRight Arm Medium FastX-Factor
12Wahaj RaizRight Hand BatsmanX-Factor
13Haroon ArshadRight Hand BatsmanX-Factor
14Naveed Ahmad KhanSpinnerX-Factor
15Charlie TearWK/ BatsmanX-Factor

List of Selected Players from the video campaign

Abdullah HassanLahore
Adeel BasharatAzad Kashmir
Aftab AhmedMardan
Ammar YasinPeshawar
Atif ZafarRawalpindi
Haider AhsanPeshawar
Usman SohailLahore
Husnain AftabSwat
Junaid KhanWaziristan
Maujood AliMohammad Agency
Muhammad SajjadArif Wala
Musa AzadKarachi
Nawaz AfradiN/A
Umar AliOkara

List of Overall Local Players (Pakistan) that will participate in the Pakistan Junior League Draft

Central Punjab


  1. Abdul Rehman
  2.  Ahmed Bilal
  3. Akash Hayat
  4. Ali Asfand
  5. Arham Nawab
  6. Hassan Ali Jr.
  7. Samama Riaz
  8. Muhammad Waqas
  9.  Mohammad Maaz
  10. Waqas Abbas
  11. Mohammad Zeeshan
  12. Momin Qamar


  1. Abu Marsad
  2. Ali Dilshad
  3. Ali Hassan Baloch
  4. Ali Razzaq
  5. Ali Zoraiz Arif
  6. Farhan Yousuf
  7. Hafiz Usman Nadeem
  8. Hammad Liaqat
  9. Moeez Rana
  10. Mohammad Maooz
  11. Muneeb Wasif
  12. Obaid Shahid
  13. Usama Zahid
  14. Usman Shahid


  1. Azan Awais
  2. Ameer Hassan
  3. Syed Hassan Gillani
  4. Tayyab Arif
  5. Moosa Azeem


  1. Zeeshan Sikander
  2. Zoraiz Wafa Gill
  3. Ayub Khan
  4. Shaban Saeed
  5. Zain- ul-Abideen
  6. Kaif Ali


  1. Mohammad Ibtisam-ur-Rehman


  1. Saria Khan


  1. Afzal Manzoor


  1. Ali Raza


  1. Faraz Ahmed

List of Overall Southern Players

Southern Punjab


  1. Abu Bakar
  2. Mohammad Danish


  1. Adeel Mushtaq
  2. Alam Zaib Khan
  3. Arafat Minhas
  4. Haseeb Javaid
  5. Haseeb Nazim
  6. Maseem Raza
  7. Mohammad Zahid
  8. Sameer Ahmed
  9. Uzair Mumtaz


  1. Adnan Ali
  2. Salman Ahmed

D.G Khan

  1. Adnan Shahid


  1. Ali Haider
  2. Amin Talib
  3. Aqib Asghar
  4. Moheer Saeed

Rahim Yar Khan

  1. Ali Shabir
  2. Farhan Iqbal
  3. Hasnain Majid
  4. Mohammad Ammar
  5. Taha Masood
  6. Talha Mushtaq


  1. Arbab Shabir
  2. Zubair Jabbar
  3. Huzaifa Ayub


  1. Bilal Ahmad
  2. Hamza Nadir
  3. Inamullah
  4. Mohammad Ismail
  5.  Mohammad Jansher
  6. Mohammad Shan
  7. Taha Shabir


  1. Hamza Nawaz
  2. Harib Moeen


  1. Haseeb Gull
  2. Mozam Alvi


  1. Kashif Farid
  2. Mohammad Abdullah


  1. Mohammad Luqman
  2. Sharjeel Hassan
  3. Shehraz Khan


  1. Usman Iqbal

List of Overall Balochistan Players



  1. Abdul Saboor
  2. Sham Raiz Khan
  3. Sayed Yasir Shah


  1. Akhtar Altaf
  2. Akhtar Altaf
  3. Imran Zahid


  1. Arbaz Khan
  2. Ashanullah
  3. Duniya Khan
  4. Ehsanullah
  5. Ghazi Khan
  6. Hikmatullah
  7. Jahangir Khan
  8. Sajjad Ali
  9. Tanveer Khan
  10. Zohaib Khan Shanzaib
  11. Muhammad Yousaf


  1. Arslan Khan
  2. Gohar Khan
  3. Moshin Ali
  4. Abu Bakar


  1. Basit Ali
  2. Muhammad Uzair
  3.  Israrullah


  1. Usman Ghani
  2. Uzafia Gul
  3.  Yasir Khan
  4. Huzaifa Gul
  5. Ikramullah Tareen
  6. Inamullah
  7. Mohammad Aqdas Khan
  8. Muhammad Qasim
  9. Obaidullah


  1. Majid Ali,
  2. Perviz Ahmed
  3. Shahid Ali

Killa Abdullah

  1. Ejaz Ahmed
  2. Muhammad Siddique
  3. Qurban Ali
  4. Syed Hanzla


  1. Siraj Mehboob


  1. Adnan Iqbal


  1. Abdul Haseeb

List of Overall Sindh Players


Khi Zone-VII

  1. Abdul Moeez
  2. Abdullah Alam
  3. Aftab Ibrahim
  4. Muhammad Saad Asif

Khi Zone-II

  1. Abdul Rehman Niazi
  2. Ali Hassan
  3. Syed Tayyab Hussain
  4. Shahwaiz Yasir (
  5. Raihan Ali Shah
  6. Wahaj Raiz
  7.  Ziaullah

Khi Zone-III

  1. Haroon Arshad
  2. Mirza Saad Baig
  3.  Muhammad Fahad Amin
  4. Muhammad Hassan Iqbal
  5. Rumail Ahmed

Khi Zone-IV

  1. Afnan Khan
  2. Muhammad Hanif
  3. Daniyal Ahmed

Khi Zone-VI

  1. Ali Ishaq
  2. Awais Raheem Shah
  3. Ghulam Ashraf
  4. Habibullah
  5. Hameed Kareem
  6. Hamza Qureshi
  7. Khawaja Muhammad Hafeez
  8. Maaz Khurram Amin
  9. Mohammad Arbaaz Khan
  10. Naveed Ahmed Khan


  1. Noman Ali
  2. Haseeb-ur- Rehman
  3. Syed Yahya Shah


  1. Feroz Ali
  2. Shahzaib Aziz


  1. Mansoor Ali Khoso
  2. Saqlain Nawaz Rajput
  3. Ubaid Raza


  1. Muhammad Hannan


  1. Arbaz Khan


  1. Mohammad Umar Khan Sherani


  1. Daud Abbas

List of Overall Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Players



  1. Abbas Ali
  2. Ahmed Hussain
  3. Ansarullah
  4. Arafat Khan
  5. Haris Khan
  6. Haseeb Khan
  7. Jamshed Ali
  8. Junaid Khan Khalil
  9. Mohammad Ansarullah
  10. Muhammed Shoaib
  11. Muhammed Zubair
  12. Uzairullah

Lower Dir

  1. Abu Bakkar
  2. Afkar Durrani
  3. Ihtisham-ul-Haq
  4. Muhammed Riazullah


  1. Adnan Ahmed


  1. Afaq Khan
  2. Ayaz Khan
  3. Maaz Habib Khan


  1. Aimal Khan
  2. Muhammed Farooq
  3. Muhammed Tahir


  1. Hilal Ahmed
  2. Sherdil Khan


  1. Jawad Ali
  2. Muhammed Zulkifal


  1. Khubaib Khalil


  1. Muhammed Irfan
  2. Muhammed Salman
  3. Muhammed Zubair
  4. Riazullah
  5. Zubair Shinwari
  6. Ubaidullah
  7. Wazdan Khan
  8. Adnan Khan

D.I Khan

  1. Ismail Khan
  2. Muhammed Shoaib

Upper Dir

  1. Riazullah Khan


  1. Salar Ahmed


  1. Shahzaib Khan


  1. Shuja Zaheer


  1. Tahir Ali
  2. Yasir Ahmed

List of Foreign Players that will Participate in the Pakistan Junior League Draft

Foreign Players

West Indies

  1. Steven Wedderburn
  2. Nathan Edwards
  3. Nimar Bolden
  4. Vasant Singh
  5.  Isai Thorne
  6. Ackeem Auguste

Sri Lanka

  1. Lahiru Dawatage
  2. Malsha Tharupathi
  3. Shevon Daniel
  4. Anjala Bandara
  5. Lahiru Abeysinghe


  1. Luc Martin Benkenstein
  2. Archie Lenham
  3.  Joseph Eckland
  4. George Thomas
  5. Olly Cox


  1. Matthew Schocken
  2. Brendon Sunguro
  3.  Huggins Machaka
  4. Emmanuel Bawa
  5. Brian Bennett


  1. Naimur Rohman Noyon
  2. Prantik Nawrose Nabil
  3. Abdullah Al Mamun
  4. Jishan Alam
  5. Ariful Islam


  1. Masood Gurbaz
  2. Waleed Stanikzai
  3. Ahmad Zia Zaland
  4. Aqib Shah
  5.  Hassan Eisakhil


  1. Ali Naseer
  2. Jash Ginani
  3. Mohammad Faisal


  1. Matthew Tromp
  2. Joshua Tromp


  1. Burhan Niaz


  1.  Ethan Gibson


  1. Musa Shaheen Mahmood


  1. Luke Holt


  1. Oliver Davidson


  1. Philippus le Roux 


  1. Tazeem Ali

PJL Player Lists 2022

The selection process has started for players from all the registered cricket academies in Pakistan and will be completed soon.

You may visit our site later to get notified of every update on this cricket league.


Pakistan Junior League Draft Procedure

Draft day captures much attention, but many events will take place before and after the draft day. In this article, the process of drafting PJL players is described in a more straightforward manner so that it can be easily understood by everyone.

The procedure of drafting consists of three steps:

  • Draft Day Preparation
  • Draft Day
  • Substitution Draft (Replacement Draft)

PJL Committee decided to divide the draft into three simple phases, first step about to preparation of the draft. The actual PJL draft, which lasts for almost a full day, is the second phase. The third phase is the time between the end of the draft and the start of the league.

Draft Day Preparation

The first edition of PJL will commence on October 1st, 2022, so drafting team players will start in September. The first official announcement of picking the platinum category player will be based on the teams’ fortunes because of the random draw or other similar activities. Teams will pick the remaining 17 players using the “Unique Statistical Method.”

Meanwhile, the local divisions of the U19 City Cricket Association event in 2022 are renewed. Voting is how this renewal process is carried out. Representatives from each franchise cast votes for the categories of local players, excluding those of their franchise.

The modified categories are then reviewed and finalized by a small group of PCB officials. The players who are available for the draft are announced shortly after that. Teams start exchanging players as soon as the list is made public.

Read More about: Trials and Selection Procedure

Draft Day 

Everyone involved in this process looks forward to the draft date the most. The draft consists of six categories and 18 rounds. These consist of 16 rounds with five players in each category, with an additional two rounds. The five-player categories are as follows:

  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Gold
  • Silver

Even though no established standards exist for any category, players with the highest utility are awarded the highest category and vice versa. Every Pakistan-representing local player must be at least a gold-level player.

Depending on the remaining salary caps, a team may pick players from any category in the supplementary round. Teams may also pick a player from a lower category with his consent. Furthermore, each team is given a wildcard choice(optional). By doing this, a team can pick a player from a lower category for platinum, diamond, or gold. Using the wildcard, teams may pick a player from silver, platinum, diamond, or gold.

The following players from each category make up a 16- to 18-man squad.

Category NameNumber of Player
Supplementary2 Optional

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The selection for each category shall be made in the manner described above. The teams have 2 minutes for each pick in the platinum rounds. But for the remaining rounds, only 90 seconds Then it will be given to teams to pick up players. The following squad composition guidelines must be followed by a team when picking players:

  • A Platinum category must have at least one foreign player and one domestic player.
  • A diamond category must have at least one foreign player and one domestic player.
  • For a team to be eligible for the platinum, diamond, and gold categories, three players must be foreigners.
  • A team must have at least five foreign players on its 16-man squad.
  • Teams are allowed to choose six foreign players for the additional round.

Replacement Draft

The replacement of PJL draft is held if a player from any team cannot participate (fully/partly).Teams can pick only a player from a lower category than the player who is replaced. Newly replaced players come with a higher salary package.

Few fans are aware of the mid-season trading window. It is a 72-hour span that starts once each team’s four games are through. Players who have yet to play a game this season may be traded during this window. The players might be traded to another team in return for a player, money, or both. More than two of these trades cannot change the roster of a team’s active players. In this window, no trade has yet occurred.


In their teams, which may contain a maximum of 18 players, each franchise was permitted to select a maximum of five international players.

No team has released the PJL Draft 2022 Player List. By the Frist week of September 2021, it will be revealed. According to the sources, the PJL draft would include about 250+ foreign players.

Yes, Junior players under the age of 19 will be selected worldwide.

  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Gold
  • Silver

The following players from each category make up a 16- to 18-man squad.

Category NameNumber of Player
Supplementary2 Optional

6 teams will be played in PJL first edition

The Pakistan Junior League is a professional Twenty20 cricket league, founded by the Pakistan Cricket Board on 14 April 2022.

PJL will be played in different stadium of Pakistan. First edition of PJL will played in Ghaddafi Stadium Lahore.

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