Pakistan Junior League PJL Foreign Players Nomination

After the soft launch of the Pakistan Junior League 2022 on 14 April 2022, PCB was interested in involving young foreign players worldwide. More than 140 foreign players register as PJL Foreign Players Nomination. Ramiz Raja’s dream was to introduce a tournament to uplift young talent and improve their professional behavior.

All cricket boards responded positively and submitted their 140-player list for the nomination of the PJL first edition. Their cricket boards and clubs nominate them after assessing their previous records in their country club cricket. Wholeheartedly, all boards appreciate this tournament, starting from 6 October to 21 October 2022 in Qaddafi stadium Lahore. After assessment by PJL icons, players will be shortlisted.

Eight full-time ICC members registered their players for PJL selection. Eight countries are listed below:

PJL Foreign Players Nomination

Ireland Sri Lanka
West IndiesZimbabwe 

New Zealand and South Africa also appreciated this innovation, but due to the coinciding date of their examination, they could not register students.

Countries other than test-playing nations are also keen to participate in the Pakistan junior league 2022 opening season. They have registered players for entries. These countries are listed below;

Other Countries

Saudi ArabiaSingapore

The director of PJL 2022, Nadeem Khan, thanked all cricket boards and registered entries for PJL 2022.

From PCB About PJL Nominations

Pakistan Junior League PJL Foreign Players Nomination

Pakistan Cricket Board

“We would like to express our gratitude to the cricket governing bodies for supporting this novel idea, which has the potential to change the face of youth cricket not just in Pakistan but also globally.

The Pakistan Cricket Board is wholly focused on producing a quality event that will inspire millions of children and aspiring cricketers in their early to mid-teens and give adolescent stars a platform.

The PCB got a good list of nominees for this event, which has the potential to revolutionize young cricket, showing the cricketing community’s enthusiasm in the PJL.”

Via social media campaigns on Twitter, young Pakistani players under 19 uploaded almost 2500 videos for entry into the Pakistan junior league using official hashtags. These videos include the player’s special skills of batting, bowling, fielding, etc.

PCB officials and PJL mentors will assess the above 2500 videos. Then the players will be shortlisted for the PJL draft. Once the draft is complete, players’ squads will be updated soon. Only players born after September 1, 2003, will be considered eligible for the PJL draft.

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