PJL Kits, Jersey & Cap of All Teams Pakistan Junior League

PJL Kits, Jersey & Cap of All Teams 2022 | Pakistan Junior League

PJL Kits 2022: People are pitifully obsessed with their favorite cricketers, and they are even more obsessed with cricket. The very first season has brought a lot of excitement to cricket fans globally. It will be interesting to see what the players wear in the first season of the Pakistan Junior League

The Pakistan Junior league will be the first-ever introduced international standardized tournament in the world for under 19 players. With themes based on cricket heroes, promoting brands, and representing significant Pakistani provinces, inaugural edition T-shirts were on exhibit. 

We are posting the PJL 2022 All Teams Official Kits, which are identical to those in the PJL 2022 uniforms and logos.

I have posted official kits and logos for every team, as well as PJL 2022 team jerseys and original PJL jerseys, here. PJL kits for each team are available here with every single piece of information published.

PJL Kits 2022 All Teams Official

The players also prefer PJL 1st edition t-shirts on the field, despite the fact that these kits are beautiful and appealing. This page will display the breathtakingly gorgeous PJL uniforms for each team(Bahawalpur Royals. Gujranwala Giants, Gwadar Sharks, Mardan Warriors, Hyderabad Hunters, and Rawalpindi Raiders)

People desire a sense of affinity with the tea, they support. When they wear it, they hope to radiate strength and spirit. They want to convey their mindset and their determination to continue supporting their preferred team at all costs.

I’ve been considering getting the PJL team’s t-shirts for my local team because I’m a cricket fan. I feel a rush of joy flow through my body, and then I realize which team in this league I actually support.

We experience a closeness and affiliation with our favorite team that is inextricably linked to ourselves when we see t-shirts with their emblem. Beyond only the actual game, wearing a team shirt can increase our levels of happiness, engagement, and pride.

Pakistan Junior League Squad

Here are the PJL 2022 All Teams Official Kits:

1. Bahawalpur Royals Team Kit

Fans are full excited about what their favorite team shirt looks like. Maybe it has a royalist’s look as per the team name. And most probably is that they will consider the color scheme and designs as well. 

  • Sponsors: as you have seen before in the case of the Pakistan Super League, every sponsor logo is printed on the t-shirts of their sponsored team shirts and kits. Still, we are not known who are the sponsors of the BR team and kit. 

2. Hyderabad Hunters Team Official Kit

PJL 2nd team Hyderabad hunters team fans are looking toward the PJL official about the display of the HH team kit. Because every fan tries to merge themselves in the colors of his team. Hopefully, it will be displayed soon.

  • Sponsors: although, sponsors of the Hyderabad Hunters team are not on the screen. When the official kits of Hyderabad hunters will be displayed, we will come to know every sponsor.

3. Gujranwala Giants Team Official Kit

Gujranwala Giants is named on the wrestling feature of this city. Cricket fans believe that their t-shirts will encode that feature. The fans are also excited to buy that shirt whenever it is displayed by the PCB.

  •  Sponsors: Gujranwala team sponsors are not known yet. They will be on air after they have been announced by PJL officials or when the kit design is visible to fans of cricket. 

Check Gujranwala Giants Full Kit Design

4. Gwadar Sharks Team Official Kit:

Gwadar sharks team’s official kit is to be announced soon by PCB. 3 days are to start the journey of this new league on screen. Soon you will see the GS team kit and then you can buy it from anywhere.

  • Sponsors: Gwadar sharks team and kit sponsors will be revealed soon. Because fans often search it out. Also, their company logo may be printed on the official kit. 

Check Gwadar Sharks Full Kit Design

5. Mardan Warriors Team Official Kit

Mardan warriors kit will be displayed on the screen. Their kit is representing the history of this city as mentioned in the team name also. 

  • Sponsor: al the sponsor of PJL teams and especially Mardan warriors will let you know soon. It is in the process when it will be made public. 

Check Mardan Warriors Full Kit Design

6. Rawalpindi Raiders Team Official kit: 

As you know the Rawalpindi Raiders team squad is publicized. But their official kit is accessible to their fans. Fans are excited about the shirt design and what it will look like. 

  • Sponsors; soon you will be able to who are the sponsors of the PJL team. Soon as the kit is displayed to the public. Sponsors will also be. The shirts of the team have a printed logo on them. 

Check Rawalpindi Raiders Full Kit Design

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