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PJL Points Table 2022 – Pakistan Junior League Standings

From October 06 to October 21, six franchise teams will play in the first edition of the Pakistan Junior League. Here’s the updated PJL points table 2022, match-by-match updates, head-to-head results, run rate, and team standing.

Pakistan Junior League

Pakistan Junior LeaguePlayedWinLossDrawN/RPtsNET RRForAgainst
Bahawalpur Royals5320060.821704/87.0721/99.1
Gwadar Sharks5410080.550586/79.5507/74.4
Mardan Warriors5310060.455543/75.2538/79.4
Rawalpindi Raiders532006-0.067595/84.4590/83.1
Gujranwala Giants523004-0.280659/94.3700/96.3
Hyderabad Hunters505000-1.550592/85.0623/73.1

The standings on the points table will be updated after the finish of every match.

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PJL Points Glossary

  • M: The number of matches played
  • W: the number of matches won
  • L: the number of matches lost.
  • T: the number of matches tied
  • N/R: the number of games abandoned
  • PT: number of points awarded
  • NRR: Net Run Rate

PJL Points Table

All six PJL franchises will battle it out for half a month to be crowned champions of Pakistan’s Premier junior T20 tournament under 19.

To qualify for the PJL playoffs, the teams must accumulate points and rise to the top four positions in the Pakistan Junior League points table. So, the PJL ranking table will continue to be a hot topic in PJL discussions.

Six franchises will be excited to finish the competition by making their positions in the top four on the Pakistan Junior League points table.

Only one venue, Qaddafi Stadium, Lahore, is allocated for the first edition of the Pakistan Junior League. In total, 19 matches will be played, including playoffs and final competition.

The first edition of the Pakistan Junior League will be flashy for all franchises, teams, players, and fans. Every franchise team will compete to win the grand prize on October 21, 2022.

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Pakistan Junior League Points Table Criteria

There will be a number of rounds to comply with the tournament’s double round-robin format. To be the team with the most points at the end of the group stage, each team will play its opponents twice. The top four teams must finish in the top four to make the playoffs. The competition will follow International Cricket Council (ICC) rules and regulations.

As in any other ICC-authorized franchise T20 league, the PJL 2022 points table will use the same points system.

The rankings will be determined by the total number of points accumulated in the group stage after 10 matches. The top four teams in the PJL point table move to the round.

Each team will be awarded 2 points for every win, zero for every loss, and 1 point for a tie. If the game is tied after standard time, the winner will be determined by a super over.

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Teams Ranking Rules

The criteria mentioned below will determine the rankings of teams in the group stage:

  • When a group stage is over, the team with the most points will be at the top of the table.
  • If teams score equal points in the group stage, the higher run rate team will get an elevated position.
  • In the case of equal points and run rate for a team in the points table of the group stage, the team with the highest number of wins will finish higher in the PJL standings. 
  • If the criteria mentioned above are equal, the lowest number of losses will finish higher in the PJL points table.
  • If all factors remain equal, the head-to-head match will decide the team’s position in the Pakistan Junior League points table.

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PJL Play-Offs

In the qualifier, the team that finishes first in the PJL points table standings in 2022 will play the team that finished second, and in the first eliminator, the third and fourth-placed teams will square off. The qualifier winner moves directly to the championship. In the second elimination round, the loser of the qualifying round will face the winner of the first elimination round. In the final, the victor of the qualifier will compete with the winner of the second eliminator.

If a match finishes with a tie, then the super over will decide the winner of the game. If super over is also a tie, the higher ranked team in the PJL ranking table will be the match’s victor.

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