Pakistan Junior League PJL TV Channels

PJL TV Channels 2022: Where to Watch, Live Streaming

The Pakistan Junior League 2022 will commence on next Thursday at Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore. On a variety of platforms, PJL fans can follow all the action in Pakistan and around the world. The Pakistan Cricket Board has worked tirelessly to get the PJL opening season on major TV networks and PJL TV Channels & live streaming rights services.

The league will be aired live on a number of media, including mobile, the web, and television, to a global audience. The Pakistan Junior League has a broadcasting agreement with the government-owned network PTV Sports, according to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

The government channel’s support of the first-of-its-kind event, which seeks to give outstanding children opportunities to showcase their skill sets in a franchise-based tournament, helped the Pakistan Junior League gain momentum and ultimately improve Pakistan cricket.

PJL TV Channels 2022

At a high-level meeting in Islamabad, PTV Sports reaffirmed its commitment to supporting Pakistan cricket and promised to enthusiastically support the Pakistan Junior League.

PJL Channels for Live Streaming

All the PJL 2022 action can be live streamed through these platforms.

1.PTV SportsLINK 1

PCB Chief Executive Faisal Husnain: Cricket unites our country, so the PCB was thrilled to hear the promises and commitments from PTV Sports, our national broadcast asset with by far the greatest reach and audience. Their assistance in exposing our upcoming talents would greatly raise the tournament’s popularity and assist the PCB in introducing gifted youths to the nation through PTV Sports’ broadcast coverage.

Where to Watch Pakistan Junior League Match Live Streaming?

“Partners like PTV Sports are crucial and important to our efforts and initiatives aimed at advancing, expanding, and strengthening the game of cricket. Young people will be inspired to take up this wonderful game by watching live broadcasts of the Pakistan Junior League on PTV Sports, which will ultimately benefit Pakistan cricket.

Since cricket’s transition to televised coverage, the PCB and PTV have partnered. Over the years, this partnership has developed tremendously, and the PCB is still committed to deepening it by collaborating with the PTV to protect and advance Pakistan cricket’s interests.”

PJL TV Channels; PTV Sports

PTV managing director, Syed Mubashir Tauqeer Shah, commented: “PTV Sports is doing its share to promote all sports, especially cricket, which has a significant following and societal influence. We will completely support PCB and use our platforms to ensure that the Pakistan Junior League receives the most attention and promotion possible as part of the government’s effort to develop and promote youth.

Cricket’s 2022–2023 season promises to be a thrilling and enjoyable one. Pakistan will host England, New Zealand, and the West Indies three times in addition to the Pakistan Junior League. Then, in February 2023, we will host our own Pakistan Super League.

PTV Sports High-end Support to Cricket

This will be a banner year for cricket lovers with the addition of the ACC Asia Cup and the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022, and PTV Sports will be there to satisfy the needs and expectations of our subscribers.

I am thrilled with the outcomes of the meeting with PCB and grateful that they share our commitment to quality. I have faith that PTV Sports and PCB will keep collaborating to raise the profile and image of the nation, its citizens, and the sport.”

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